Hi, your Service Agreement has been received!

I would like to personally welcome you to the Vargas Consulting program and thank you for your business. 

Believe it or not, you've already completed the hardest part: reaching out for help and finishing your only task. I will be taking over from here. 

In case you skipped over the details on the service agreement (I really hope you read through it!), you can find a short summary below:
- Your set up begins today
- Your analysis and analyzer begins in 72 hours and is a manual process that takes me a total of 3 hours to complete
- Next, I research each of your negative items which can take me anywhere between 1 hour to 4 days 
- I then create your disputes. This generally takes an average of 2 hours
- Your disputes are then sent out to their respective parties
- Your client portal is manually created at this time
- Once your client portal is created, I release your portal, disputes, analysis, and analyzer to you
- You'll be notified via emails for each of these

That's a lot, right? Consider how little I charge for all of this! This is why your delivery time is 9 business days for disputes to go out, and 3-5 days for delivery of your copies and portal.

You made a wise choice signing up with Vargas Consulting. Why do I mention this? Here's a short comparison between us and virtually everyone else:
- Other companies don't give you the copies of the disputes. This means you give up your basic consumer rights. With us, you receive all copies of the credit bureau disputes
- Other companies don't use factual-based custom disputes. Your letters are literally copies of letters the bureaus receive 1.5 million times per month. Our letters have never been received before because they're written only for you, based off facts
- Other companies don't dispute all accounts or all bureaus each round. Their perogative is to keep you in their program and it is mathematically impossible to be done in less than 12 months doing this. We dispute all accounts and all 3 bureaus each round

As long as your credit monitoring was provided in addition to your identification, you're good to go.

In case you forgot to include your credit monitoring login info and/or identification on the service agreement, please email this info to

You can find all info on this at
Please note that the fastest way to reach me right now is via text - 702-303-3050 m-f 9-5pm EST and response time is 1-3 business days.